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United Homes Canada is an amalgamation of Homes Canada and United Homes.

Bob Vail started Homes Canada in 1971 with two partners. Their first location was located in Sudbury, Ontario.

In the early 90’s United Homes started up a second location in Calgary, Alberta. After a while, they began to recognize that people did not particularly like driving to a large city in order to view our homes that would eventually be placed in a rural setting.  Therefore by the late 90’s, in order to get closer to our client base, they moved out to Airdrie, Alberta.  They found a great town that catered to the rural community; and it became a “win-win” for all concerned.  They have remained here ever since.

Over the years, United Homes Canada has partnered with many different modular home manufacturers and have always gravitated towards dealing with manufactured home builders that demonstrated a higher level of quality and serviceability. This is the reason that they chose Triple M Housing as “their builder of choice”.