Environmental Advantages
Factory-built: The Sustainable Way to Build Homes

Unlike site-built homes, modular-built homes are constructed within a quality-controlled manufacturing building and then transported in sections to be assembled on your property. Homes pass through stations within our warehouse where certified staff complete each stage of the homes construction within a timely manner having all of the necessary tools and supplies on-site, prepped to size and ready to install at the exact time they are required. Homes built within warehouse settings offer a number of advantages that bring along cost-savings to our clients.

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Homes constructed within manufacturing plants are created using eco-friendly materials and techniques – thereby reducing material and transportation costs, overall building waste and energy usage. This process lessens emissions and has statically proven to reduce it up to 43% and unnecessary waste is saved up to 70%.

Cost Effective

The variety and styles of modular homes provide purchasers a wide range of price points. This allows for first time home buyers get into the market and downsizer to build a custom modular home of their dreams. One factor that modular offers over stick-built is that the cost of building materials does not fluctuate as much because of the manufacture’s ability to pre-purchase materials.


Climate controlled factory building procedures ensure optimal insulation and vapor barrier installation. This provides a better insulated product that requires less energy to heat and cool.

Reduced Construction Time

Manufactured homes arrive in one or two sections that are 85 percent complete. This allows for greater efficiencies as the construction time frame is reduced by at least 80 percent, as are pollutants such as fuels for compressors and equipment, toxic adhesives, and the general impact on the surface surroundings and neighbouring areas.