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At United Homes Canada, we offer quality-crafted homes. Through partnering with Triple M Homes as our builder of choice, our client care teams are able to offer the industry’s leading modular homes and work one-on-one with our clients to customize them to fit their individualized and specific needs. Our communicative approach ensures peace of mind at every step within the home buying, creation and finishing processes. Each home is subject to passing the same rigorous building inspections and standards of that of a site-built home, however, come with the added benefit of being built within a fraction of the time and cost.

Our Quick Possession Homes are pre-constructed within Triple M’s manufacturing facility and ready for immediate site-installation. These homes are produced at the same impeccable quality and standards as our new homes, however, are not open to customization prior to installation. These pre-built, rigorously inspected homes can be transported to your property within tight timelines.

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