Why Select Factory Built United Homes Canada

Factory Built Advantage

At United Homes, we provide our clients with the best home-building and home-purchasing experience available. We have partnered with the industry’s leading manufacturer of quality crafted modular homes, Triple M Housing, and together have gained the reputation of being the lead rural housing specialists in western Canada.


Factory vs. Site Built Homes

Unlike site-built homes, modular-built homes are constructed within a quality controlled manufacturing building and then transported in sections to be assembled on your property. Homes pass through stations within our warehouse where certified staff complete each stage of the homes construction within a timely manner having all of the necessary tools and supplies on-site, prepped to size and ready to install at the exact time they are required. Homes built within warehouse settings offer a number of advantages that bring along cost-savings to our clients.

  • Reduced Build Times

    As all materials are stored on-site and ready at the exact moment required by contractors to utilize, downtimes between construction segments are drastically reduced allowing for inspections to take place the next process to seamlessly take place.

  • Increased Home Efficiency

    Homes built within our manufacturing building are constructed out of the elements of mother nature. This allows for tighter seals to be adhered, thus increasing your homes heating/cooling abilities and energy efficiency.

  • A Greener Way of Building

    A greener way of building – Homes constructed within manufacturing plants are created in an eco-friendlier fashion in terms of reducing material transportation costs, overall building waste and energy usage.

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Client Testimonials

From our first visit to United Homes to the final walkthrough we were impressed. It was cold and snowy when we first stopped by but the parking lot had been cleared and the homes on the lot were warm and inviting. Paul was fantastic to work with on the purchase of our home. He was quick to answer my unending questions and was never pushy throughout any aspect. I really appreciated this. He made us feel very good about our decision to purchase.

Once we had finalized the purchase of our home and moved into the development phase I began working with Angie. She was so pleasant to work with and was a huge help through every step of the process. We spoke daily and I am going to miss talking to her! Acreage developments are an involved and stressful process and the whole team at United worked hard to ensure everything went smoothly on their end. This was our first development and I am so happy we chose to go with United. I would purchase from them again and have already begun referring others. Thank you all so, so much! - Nicole Van Oyen

Benefits of Factory Built Housing


Did you know that the timeline and costs involved of having your home built within a manufacturing facility compared to utilizing a general contractor to construct the same home on-site is drastically reduced? You home is subject to passing the same rigorous inspections as a site-built home, however, due to it being constructed within a controlled environment your end product is produced within a fraction of the time. Modular homes are constructed out of the elements of weather and have all materials on-hand and ready at the exact time required to complete each stage of your homes building cycle.